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Asiana Express is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). As a licensed freight forwarding company, we utilize various methods to transport cargo. International and long-range shipments can be transported by sea ferrying vessels built to handle LCL and FCL loads or by airfreight, which dramatically accelerates delivery.
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The global airfreight services of Asiana Express significantly reduces time delays and radically improves service for perishable cargo and time sensitive materials. Our air consolidation services extend worldwide. Currently, large volumes of our airfreight services are designated from and to East Asia (Korea, China, Hong Kong, etc.) and the United States (Long Beach, New York).
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Our ocean consolidation services are comprehensive and global. We have vessels frequently traveling from and to East Asia (Korea, China, Hong Kong, etc.) and the United States (Long Beach and New York). Currently the greater volume of our cargo originates in East Asia and the United States, but our cargo delivery services extend to ports of call throughout the world.
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We have negotiated volume service contracts with major ocean carriers to obtain competitive pricing with guaranteed space annually, thus our customer can enjoy on-time delivery and cost savings even during peak season.
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The important of where cargo is stored prior to delivery or once it arrives cannot be emphasized enough. A warehousing facility must provide a secure and clean environment where cargo can be stored and maintained in premium condition, which is why Asiana Express has constructed its very own Bonded Warehouse at: 1415 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, California 90501
Asiana Warehouse provides our clients with:
A Container Freight Station A Bonded Warehouse General Order Authorization Carrier Bond
Container Freight Station
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We provide a Container Freight Station(CFS) where cargo can be inspected and managed for pre-delivery and transport.
The CFS allows Asiana Express to provide our customers with:
– Express pick up and drop off services
– Labeling, sampling
– Segregation of cargo that is designated for multiple locations      (upon request)
– Convenient availability checks
– Immediate consolidated container pick up
General Order
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A particular advantage to our customers is our General License, Asiana Express can:
– Guarantee same day pick up services from the terminal
– Immediately designate cargo to the Asiana Warehouse for
   safe, secure storage
– Expedient loading and unloading of cargo
Local Trucking
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Asiana Express can do Provide fast door-to-door delivery in the Los Angeles ares & other county
Offer cost-effective solutions through competitive rates Delivery cargo to designated areas
Laredo Trucking
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Asiana Express has a special service for moving cargo to various cities in Texas.
Specializing border cities such as Laredo, El Paso and Hidalgo
We can provide our clients with consolidated shipments for small volume cargo on a regular basis.
– Offered at highly competitive rates
– With a great percentage of our deliveries to Texas arranged in approximately 48 hours or less
– Our Texas shipments are considered to be one of the safest and most reliable in the industry